Friday, 10 May 2013

YWCA 2013 Women of Distinction

In my most recent blog I promised to share with you my thoughts on where I would like to see the prize award go, should I be so fortunate as to receive the most votes for a YWCA 2013 Women of Distinction Award.

By way of background, between April 24th and May 17th you can go on-line and vote in all the categories to support the women of your choice in nine different award categories. I was gratified to be nominated in the ‘not-for profit-public service category’.

Through the generous sponsorship of Scotiabank, the winner in each category of the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards will have the right to donate the $10,000 prize to the YWCA program of their choice. This would be a difficult decision as the YWCA funds so many outstanding programs for women and children.

However if I win I can only pick one. And after careful consideration, the YWCA programs in child-care and early learning would be my choice. Upon reflection, perhaps the years I spent as B.C.’s Minister of State for Childcare provided me with a unique perspective on the life-long impact of early childcare and learning.

The success of these programs will continue to influence our babies and their lives as they mature and move through life. These programs and the dedicated professionals involved in them are simply vital in any discussion about our future as a society and a Province. So there you have my choice.

Now it’s your turn. Visit YWCAWomenofDistinction or the YWCA Metro Vancouver website and learn more about voting on-line.  There’s an information video and background on all the nominees. Between April 24th and noon on May 17th you can vote in all categories. Let’s all get involved to make a difference for the YWCA and all of the great programs it supports.

Finally, let me know what you think. I’d still welcome your views on what YOU think the top priority should be? Again, let me say how grateful I am for all your interest and support.

--- Linda

(Authorized by Kimberly Sorensen, Official Agent for the Linda Reid Campaign, 604-276-8868)

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