Thursday, 27 September 2012

National Organic Week

This Week is National Organic Week, as Canada comes together to celebrate the illustrious Canadian organic food and materials industry.  Organic products can be seen as the most environmentally friendly option that a consumer has in purchasing both food, and other products such as organic cotton clothing.  By utilizing environmentally friendly farming techniques, the growth of organic goods causes minimal harm to the environment.  In addition, these techniques also keep the growing environment fertile, and maintain the quality of Canadian farmland.  When one purchases organic products, they can be sure that they have undergone a thorough approval before they are sold on store shelves.

What can you do to celebrate organic week?  One way would be to make an active effort to buy locally produced organic foods.  The BC government is investing money to make locally produced foods more available to consumers.  With the many farms in Richmond, this provides a great opportunity to begin to purchase locally grown food.  Buying local both supports the local agriculture sector, and reduces the environmental costs of the transport of food.  Help us celebrate Organic Week.

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