Friday, 30 November 2012

Adoption Awareness Month

The month of November marks the British Columbia Adoption awareness month.  Adoption Awareness Month is a government initiative to make the option as well as the benefits of adoption better known to both possible adopters as well as the rest of British Columbia.  As of now, over one thousand children and adolescents are currently looking for a permanent family.  These youth come from different backgrounds, and all are deserving of a loving family that will support them through their early lives, and ensure a positive future.  Adoption is a major focus of the Ministry of Children and Family development.  The ministry ensures that these youth obtain the best possible outcome, such as having youth grow up in an environment that is similar to their cultural heritage.  In addition, the ministry provides support to adoptive parents.  Through the Post-Adoption Assistance Program, the Ministry is committed to providing both adopted youth and their parents with financial assistance to ensure their well-being.  For more information, please check out the MCFD’s website on adoption here: Hopefully Adoption Awareness month will provide information to potential adoptive parents who will support a child through the stages where family is crucial.

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