Thursday, 26 May 2011

Child Care Month

Mr. Speaker, I’m pleased to rise today to recognize Child Care Month – May – and Child Care Provider Appreciation Day – May 19th.

Just this morning, I attended the Child Care Awards of Excellence in Vancouver. This event honoured not just child care professionals from across B.C., but also organizations and local governments – including the District of West Vancouver and, I’m very proud to say, the City of Richmond – for outstanding service to children and families. It’s wonderful to see communities being recognized – because I firmly believe that strong, supportive and engaged communities are a key to creating a quality child care system that meets the needs of local families.

We have a range of child care options in B.C., which are often tailored to meet the unique needs of the children and families they serve: young parents still in school, Aboriginal children and families, and children with special needs to name a couple examples. I’m proud that this government has supported early learning and child care for many years, knowing the incredible difference it makes in the lives of children.

Mr. Speaker, I ask that the members of the House join me in recognizing and celebrating Child Care Month. And, to our thousands of amazing child care professionals I say ‘thank you’ for the work you do every day to help our little ones learn and grow and blossom – and for the peace of mind you bring to thousands of parents.

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